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About us

Who are we ?

We are an association set up to give a better chance to a decent life to children who are newly-affected by lifelong polio paralysis and their families.

We are funded entirely by individuals forming the community who cares.
We work on a voluntary basis and have zero administrative costs: every dollar raised will go directly to children!

What does the Fund do ?

It provides support, on a case-by-case basis, to children newly-affected by polio paralysis and their families.
Support is tailored to the individual needs of the affected children and their families, and could include wheelchairs and prosthetics; physiotherapy;  social and vocational support; transport and communication assistance; educational support; financial support to families: and, other support as needed/identified.

How will the support be provided ?

By working directly with colleagues and friends on the ground, who are actively engaged in the effort to eradicate polio from their areas.  It is they who are in direct contact with the families, and who can identify appropriate support and oversee implementation.

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